Welcome to the website of the Georgia Daffodil Appreciation Society

We are centered on growing as well as exhibiting daffodils in north Georgia. We have members from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama. Our members identify historic daffodils, grow miniatures, and exhibit modern hybrids.

The More You Know

The term or word “daffodil” is the actual word that is accepted for all of the species of flowers belonging to the genus of Narcissus, including hybrid flowers.

The scientific or Latin word for the actual genus is “narcissus” and then “jonquil” is the accepted term or word for flowers that come from the plant species of Narcissus jonquilla.

In the South, a jonquil is typically a smaller, yellow flower and a daffodil is usually larger. A narcissus is actually a bunch flower that is also known as a “polyanthus.”

For more information on flower basics and daffodil divisions, please have a look at the American Daffodil Society at www.daffodilusa.org

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